Audit Protection Plan

The IRS and state budgets have continually been cut over the last several years. The revenue authorities are sending more computerized examination notices and correspondence than ever before, and, even when the notices are incorrect, a response is necessary. For this reason, we are offering our optional Audit Protection Plan beginning with 2018 tax year returns. Your 1040 return invoice will include a charge for the Audit Protection Plan. If you do not want to participate, you may opt-out, and pay the tax return fee without the Audit Protection Plan charge. Should you opt-out, you would pay our standard representation rate of $225.00 per hour for any additional work necessary. The Audit Protection Plan is designed to save you money.

The Audit Protection Plan also covers Tax Identity Fraud Remediation. If your tax ID has been stolen, for example as a result of the Equifax data breach or other cause, we will help you restore your tax identity.