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Dear clients:
MARCH 2022:
We’ve moved! Our new location is 766 Sergeant Palmateer Way in Wappingers Falls, just 2 miles south from our previous home office. We have two meeting rooms – the North Office and the Conference Room.
North Office appointments should use the side entrance on the north side.
Conference Room appointments should use the main entrance.
All appointments are scheduled by calling our office 845.297.8421 and our admin can get you on the calendar. Admin coverage is M-F 9a-5p.
* New clients require an appointment either in person or over Zoom.
* Returning clients can opt to drop off or upload via our secure portal.
Please do not send sensitive tax documents to us via email! We have a secure portal for this.
One of the things we love about our business is meeting with you in person each year. With the COVID-19 global pandemic still impacting our environment, we understand if you feel uncomfortable coming into the office for your appointment.
As of Feb 2022, our mask policy will match your level of comfort – if you want to wear a mask, please do; if you want us to wear a mask, we will; if you want to be mask-free – let’s see your smile!
We have a secure client portal where you can upload your tax documents, and we can hold your tax appointment over the phone or via Zoom. Please let our admin know if you would like to hold your appointment this way. If you are going to utilize our secure portal, we do ask that you place all the documents into one PDF file and upload just a single file. Please, for your own safety, do NOT send us sensitive financial documents attached to an email, via text, or through Facebook messenger.
Alternatively, you can simply drop off your papers and we can discuss them with you over the phone or via Zoom.
Please, if you don’t feel well, stay home. We can still process your tax return using these alternate mechanisms.

* For calendar year 2022 – tax year 2021: ALL clients MUST include our 2021 Client Questionnaire.
* For calendar year 2021 – tax year 2020: ALL clients MUST include our 2020 Client Questionnaire.

* For calendar year 2022 – tax year 2021: ALL clients MUST provide how much they received for the Economic Impact Payment #3 (aka stimulus). This began to be distributed around March 2021. You (and your spouse if married) should have received IRS Letter 6475 (Your Third Economic Impact Payment).
* For calendar year 2022 – tax year 2021: ALL clients with children MUST provide how much of the Advanced Child Tax Credit (July 2021 – December 2021) received. You (and your spouse if married) should have received IRS Letter 6419 (2021 Total Advance Child Tax Credit (AdvCTC) Payments).
Note: If married, each spouse will receive a separate letter and we will need both.

If you cannot find either of these letters, please provide your (and your spouse’s, if married) 2021 IRS Account Transcript.
The best way to do this is to setup an IRS Online Account at Your Online Account.
Best Practice: We recommend that every taxpayer should create an IRS Online Account!
If you are having trouble creating an IRS Online Account, you can order your transcript by following these simple instructions: IRS Get My Transcript.
You can also refresh your memory by checking your bank account!

If you received Unemployment Benefits from NY, they will not send you the tax form you need to include when filing your tax return. You need to get it from their website.
* Here is a link to information that will help you complete this task: NY Unemployment 1099-G Tax Form
* Here is a link to a step-by-step guide walking you through the process: How to Get Your NY 1099-G Online

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