“In my arrogance I figured I could do my own taxes. I’m an engineer, I work with complex mathematics all day long, how hard could doing my taxes be? I even put my trust in TurboTax thinking it couldn’t possibly steer me wrong. Well, after a brief facebook chat led to a quick assessment by Freedom Financial Solutions, I found out I was overpaying my taxes by over $8,000!!! I think I can swallow my pride for eight grand… thanks Freedom Financial!”

– Mike Q. (March 2011)

“A few years ago I met Ken from Freedom Financial. Our financial house was in complete disarray, and I was reluctant to try to solve the problem, as much as I knew that I needed to do so. I engaged Ken to help us bring some order to the financial aspects of the business. He quickly brought our data together, but more importantly helped me look at the business and began to carefully analyze the decisions I was making as well as becoming more focused on our priorities. That effort and involvement has had direct and positive impact on my business. We have gone from disarray to a well defined and well operating business. The results have also helped our income and profitability increase markedly. His efforts on behalf of our business have helped open us up to careful analysis and planning, something that I only wished for in the past. It isn’t always clear what kind of return you will get on an investment, but that said, involving Ken has been one of the best financial decisions I have ever made.”

David Friedman – Barner Books, New Paltz (Jan 2014)

“As a CPA and business advisor to many privately held enterprises, one of my primary goals is to make recommendations to management that add real value. Bringing Ken onboard in a bookkeeping role has allowed me to focus on other issues, while at the same time reducing the client’s overall accounting and bookkeeping costs. Ken is detail oriented and really understands what client financial statements should look like. He is able to clean up the messes left behind by others, and presents the client with financial reports that provide meaningful information. The difference between Ken’s work and that of most other bookkeepers is night and day.”

William A. Brenner, CPA – Citrin Cooperman

Thanks for helping me prepare my taxes this year. For years I have always done my own taxes with the box software you find at Office stores. I opened my first business last year and while doing my taxes this year, I became leery of where all the numbers were going – were they going on the right forms or wrong forms behind the scenes?? I decided to bite the bullet this year and have an experienced tax preparer look over my work. I had heard good things about Freedom Financial, so gave you a call. Although most of my own work was correct, I would have gotten a refund, but thanks to your work and understanding of the tax laws, you kept my numbers, but asked me all the right questions and entered them in better locations on the return for a larger refund, and more important, showed me how to carry some numbers to future years for optimized returns in the future! I learned a valuable lesson – the box software will ask you for the numbers but a true tax preparer will go beyond that and show you where to put the numbers for the best results. Freedom Financial did that for me, and although I paid a few bucks for the help, it was a great investment!!…

Ken M. (Planet Wings, Myrtle Beach, SC) FEB 2013